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  • 18.2.1. SAML with WIA (Windows Integrated Authentication)
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Organisations which use WIA will require a couple of extra steps to get Vivi working for all users. If your organisation is Windows only, there should be no further configuration required – however if you need to support other devices, such as Mac, iOS and Android you will need to modify your SAML instance.

Steps Required: 

  1. Edit the global settings in your SAML Management Console (Fig 1.)
  2. In the Global Authentication Policy pop-up tick Forms Authentication in the Intranet pane. (Fig 2.)
  3. In the Vivi Admin Panel, under your Authentication settings set the “Force SAML” option to “True” (Fig 3.)

When you have completed the above steps, the system will use Forms Authentication as a fallback if WIA is not available – for example when connecting an iPad.

Note: The setting appears in the SAML properties on your organisation page.