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  • 23. Offline Mode (Beta)
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Vivi now differentiates between ‘Disconnected’ (where the box has been unplugged) versus ‘Offline’ (where internet connectivity is lost) and will display the appropriate message accordingly above the Room Name on the Splash screen.

Once teachers and students are logged in to Vivi, they won’t experience a disruption to Vivi screen sharing if Internet connectivity is lost.

Things to note

You need to be running Vivi Receiver Firmware greater than or equal to 1.8.1 & Vivi App greater than or equal to 2.12.3 for this feature to function.

Video Direct - This will depend on if the internet is down or just Vivi's servers are down. With the former, video wont work, with the latter, video direct will work.

Emergencies/Technical Support/Feedback/Analytics - Currently these features are not supported with Offline Mode.

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