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  • 9.2. Edit User

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  • IT Admin – Has full access to the Admin Portal
  • E-Learning Admin – Restricted access, they can only view Dashboard
  • Presenter – Has display access through the client & can allow others to access screens
  • Student – Has restricted access right – can be permitted to share by a presenter – if no roles are checked on the edit user page, the user becomes a student by default
  • Emergency Authorised – When all presenters can trigger emergencies is set to false, this tick box will grant this user the ability to trigger emergencies

How to receive offline box notifications by email

Some administrators like to receive a daily summary of the any offline Vivis. This arrives first thing in the morning (6am weekdays) and is useful for identifying problems. In many cases, the device has simply become unplugged or requires a reboot.

You can activate email notifications through the Edit User page – only for Vivi administrators.

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