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The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) can be used to collect and organise information about devices on a network. This includes being able to monitor devices in a network monitoring product.

Vivi Boxes support SNMP. Each Box is running an instance of snmpd, an SNMP client that can be queried for information by an SNMP manager.

Vivi Boxes currently provide CPU, network and memory information via SNMP.

The SNMP client responds to UDP requests on port 161 that have authenticated with the correct credentials.

Collecting data

The approach for collecting data will differ depending on the program that you are using, but all approaches will end up sending a single message to each Box with the information that they would like collected.

The following sample commands show the type of information that can be gathered.

On a linux machine, a program like "snmpwalk" can be used to query multiple fields at once, and "snmpget" can be used to query a single field.

For example, run the following command to get all information from the Vivi Box at snmpwalk

It will return data that begins with this:

To query only a certain field, you can simply type that field after the IP address:

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