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The Web Console is accessed via a web browser.

This can be reached by connecting directly to the IP address of the Box, or by connecting to an inbuilt Wi-Fi access point.

Note: The default login details for the Web Console are:

Username: admin Password: v!v!adm!n

The administrator password can be changed using Vivi Central.

Wi-Fi Access Point

Each Vivi Box exposes a Wi-Fi access point for ten minutes after powering on or rebooting. If you cannot connect to the Web Console directly over the local network, or you don't know the IP address of the Box, this is the only way you can access the console.

The Wi-Fi access point can be disabled via Vivi Central once the Box is configured.

To connect:

  • Turn off power to the Box, wait for ten seconds, and turn power back on again.
  • Wait for the Box to boot up. This can take around 20 seconds
  • Using a device that can connect to a Wi-Fi network, connect to the Box's temporary Wi-Fi hotspot, which will have a name like "Vivi-000000". The password to connect to the network is v!v!adm!n
  • Open a browser and enter the address
  • The username is admin
  • The password is v!v!adm!n

Web Console login screen

Once connected, the connection will remain active until you disconnect. After disconnecting, the timer will restart and the Wi-Fi access point will be disabled after 10 minutes.

Please note: If you are connecting using a Windows device, the network will show as "Limited Connectivity". This is expected as you are connecting directly to the Vivi Box itself, not to the Internet.

Local Network

If you are on the same network as a Vivi Box, you can also access the Web Console by connecting to the Box directly.

Provided that the network is configured correctly and connections to Vivi Central are working properly, getting to the Web Console is rather easy

Simply log in to Vivi Central, go to "Devices", then "Configure Devices", find the Box in the list of Devices, and click on the corresponding IP address.

Finding a link to the Web Console in Vivi Central

You can also connect directly to the IP address.

  • Open a web browser and enter the address http://x.x.x.x, where x.x.x.x is the IP of the Vivi Box (e.g.
  • The username is admin
  • The password is v!v!adm!n

If you are not sure of the IP address, you can look it up using Vivi Central, or by connecting to the Web Console via the Vivi Box Wi-Fi access point, and going to the Status page.

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