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This section explains how to test your organisation's network configuration.

Network Bandwidth Test

The following tests the bandwidth available on your local network.


  • A Windows 64bit machine with iPerf 2.0.9 installed.
  • Port 5001 is open between the Windows machine and the Vivi Box

iPerf is an open source tool that can be used for monitoring network conditions between devices. You can obtain the software at:

The Vivi firmware includes iPerf 2.0.9 running in server mode, making it as easy as running the following command on your Windows device:

iperf -c BOX_IP -t 15 -i 1

Where BOX_IP is the IP address of the Box you wish to test. You can find out the IP of the Box by clicking on the "Devices" link in Vivi Central.

The test output should be something like this:

iPerf test results

Normal test results are as follows:

  • When the Box is connected to ethernet at 100Mbps, you should see ~80-100Mbps both ways.
  • When the ethernet connection is set to gigabit, you should get ~400-450Mbps both ways. If the results are a lot lower, then the switch doesn't support pause frames and you shouldn't be using gigabit.
  • Note that if you are running the test from a Wi-Fi device (eg laptop), this can limit the results.

If your iPerf bandwidth results do not fall within the expected range, it's worth looking at the duplex mode / speed setting for the relevant ethernet interface on the network switch to which the Vivi Box is connected.

If you run into this scenario and find that these or other changes were required, Vivi Support would greatly appreciate feedback on the matter, as these are highly dependent on variations between switches and routers.

Ports Test

A number of internal network ports need to be opened to support Vivi.

Once you have opened the necessary ports within your network you can use the Vivi App to confirm these have been open.

To run the check:

  • Log in to the Vivi app on an end user device.
  • Connect to a room.
  • Click on "Room".
  • Click on "Port Check".

The results will be shown on the Display that the Vivi Box is connected to.

Vivi App Room Settings screen

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