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To annotate on the displayed content, press the Annotate button on the main screen of your Vivi software.


 Move: Enables you to move a layer by dragging your mouse.

 Pencil: Used to draw free form lines in three different sizes (small, medium and large) & eight different colours (white, black, green, purple, orange, yellow, blue and red).

 Eraser: Is used to remove lines or text you have already placed on screen.

  Text:  Allows you to type text on the screen, like the pencil tool this can be done in three different sizes and eight different colours.

 Clear All: This will remove everything you have placed on the screen.

 Clipboard: This will copy the current screen to your clipboard, so it can be pasted somewhere else e.g PowerPoint, Keynote, Impress.

 Save: This will save the current screen to your device, you will be presented with a file picker to choose the location to save (unless you are on an Android/iOS device, this will simply save it to your photos).

 Window/Full screen: Gives you the option to either window or full screen your current screen.

 Back: Will return you back to the Vivi main screen. 

Make sure to save or copy any annotations before pressing the back button. Once this is pressed, any unsaved changes are deleted.
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