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The Vivi Student Feedback Tool allows a teacher to run formative assessment and wellbeing polls in their classroom in order to get real-time information on how their class is tracking. 

To start a Feedback session, navigate to the main screen of your Vivi App and click the Feedback button. If you are presenting your screen when you click the Feedback button, your screen will automatically be paused.  

When running an Academic Poll, display the question you will be asking the students prior to clicking on the Feedback button. 

Selecting a poll 


On the next screen, select a Feedback Template from the drop-down list. You will be able to choose from the following options:  

  1. Assessment
    1. Multiple Choice Alphabetical
    2. Multiple Choice Numerical
    3. True/False
    4. Yes/No
    5. Free-form

  2. Wellbeing
    1. Everything okay?
    2. How do you feel about the lesson?
    3. How do you feel about what we learned?
    4. How do you feel socially?
    5. How do you feel today? 

Please note: The Wellbeing Polls listed above are default polls that Vivi has created. Your Vivi Administrator has access to customize Wellbeing Polls so your menu list may appear differently. 

 Selecting a time limit 

Select if you would like to place a time limit for the students to respond. This means the poll will appear on the student’s Vivi App main screen for a specified amount of time 

Your choice options are: 

  1. No Time Limit (Default)
  2. 15 Seconds
  3. 30 Seconds
  4. 1 Minute
  5. 2 Minutes
  6. 3 Minutes 

 Customizing your poll 

If you select either Multiple Choice Alphabetical or Multiple Choice Numerical, you will be presented with the following options to customize your poll: 

  1. Select between 2 to 8 answers. Vivi defaults to 4 answers.

  2. Select which answer choice is correct. This is optional and does not need to be selected.

If you select either True/False or Yes/No, you will have the option to choose which answer choice is correct. As with Multiple Choice, this is optional.  

If you choose a Wellbeing Poll, you will have a preview of the emoji answer options.

Please note: If at any time you wish to select a different type of poll, click on the poll name at the top of your screen and re-select from the drop-down list.  

Before you click Start Feedback, ensure your students have logged into the Vivi App on their device, are connected to the room you are teaching in, and have navigated to the main Vivi App screen.  

 Click Start Feedback.   

Gathering Feedback 


On the Students’ Vivi App, the poll will appear on the bottom of the main Vivi App screen. Students can now select from the answer options. 

As the teacher, your Vivi App will automatically expand to full-screen and you will start to see a real-time view of the responses being captured.  

On the top of the screen, you have a Back button that will take you back to the Vivi App main screen. You can return to the Feedback screen by clicking the Results button. 

You can shrink the window back to the normal size of the Vivi App by clicking the Shrink Window button 

If you were sharing your screen when you clicked the Feedback button, you will have the option to click the Resume Presenting button.

Remember, this will show anything that you currently have on your screen, including the Feedback results page.   

 If you click the End Feedback button, this will end the ability for students to submit feedback. When you are ready to move on with the lesson or ask another question, click Exit.  


The bar at the top of the screen will indicate how many responses have been received out of the number of students connected to the room. If you choose a time limit for your poll, a countdown timer will also appear. 


Please Note: If the number of students in your class does not match the number of students listed, this indicates that you have students who have not opened up the Vivi App on their device and connected to the room you are currently teaching in.  


If you were currently sharing your screen when you clicked the Feedback button, a screenshot from when you clicked the Feedback button will appear. Underneath, you will see the student responses. You can view the responses as: 

  1. Bar Chart
  2. Pie Chart
  3. Details  


By ticking the Show Correct Answer box, a tick mark will appear next to the previously selected correct answer (if you chose this option).  



This is how the results screen appears when you have clicked the Shrink Window button. 

Accessing Your Feedback Session Data 


All your poll information will be captured and accessible in Vivi Central after you end the Feedback session 

Vivi Central is Vivi’s administration platform and was previously only accessible to system administrators. With the launch of the Student Feedback tool, you, as a teacher, can now access a limited version. 

If this is your first time accessing Vivi Central,

  1.  Go to and under the log-in form click the Forgot your Password link. A new page in your browser will open.
  2. Enter the email address that you use to log-in to the Vivi App and click enter.  
  3. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Click the link and follow the instructions on the page to create a password. 
  4. Once you have created a password, when returning to Vivi Central, login using your email address and password. 

 After logging in, select Feedback from the left-hand navigation option. You will able to see a historical list of all your Feedback sessions.  



There are a number of filter options available to you. You can sort by: 

  1. The Feedback type, selecting from either Wellbeing Template or Assessment Template;
  2. The Room where the Feedback session occurred;
  3. The Student who provided Feedback; or
  4. By a specific time period.  

Click on each poll to see more details. If you were sharing your screen when you clicked the Feedback button, the captured screenshot will appear.   



Underneath, you will see the student responses. Depending on the Poll type, you will be able to see a bar and pie chart in additional to the detail view.  


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