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The Web Console allows you to access and modify the following settings on your Vivi receiver:

  • Time Settings - Configure TLS and NTP time servers
  • Network Settings - Choose between DHCP and Static IPs
  • Proxy Settings - Set your proxy here if required
  • SSL Certificates - Add SSL Certificates where required for WAN access
  • Manual Update - Update firmware locally on the unit1
  • Logs - Send logs to Vivi manually

This can be reached in two ways – either through an inbuilt access point if the device is not accessible on the network, or directly from IP address. If you have configured your network correctly, getting onto the Web Console is rather easy – you simply navigate to your Boxes list in the Admin Portal, and click on the corresponding IP address.

This is useful if you need to update one unit for testing; if you need to update a number of units we recommend that you use Vivi's Bulk Update feature in the Admin Portal.