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  • 4.2. Configuration Required - Restricted Networks
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If you are plugging your Vivi Receiver into a restricted network, such as you might find in a typical school environment, it’s likely the device will require some additional configuration to work.

This can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Direct Configuration Through Web Console
    1. Configuration is undertaken through the device's Web Console. This is like the web-based administration pages that come with most routers.

  2. Bulk Configuration through the Vivi Admin Portal
    1. If you have several Vivi devices to configure, it is more efficient to use our Bulk Configuration feature.


If for some reason a Vivi Receiver is not working, accessing the Web Console is a quick way of diagnosing any issues, as well as performing administrative tasks.

Success can be confirmed by connecting to the Web Console and verifying that both HTTP and HTTPS access are ticked on the Status page.