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  • 24. Video Controls - Video Settings and Auto Mute
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You are able to adjust the video settings of the Vivi App at both an application level and administrator level.

Stream Resolution (All Platforms)

This lets you change the quality of your video stream, from standard definition 480p to high definition 720p and 1080p.

Stream Frame Rate (Windows, Chrome OS, Linux)

You set the rate in which the frames are shown. Current options are 15 and 30 frames per second.

Stream Quality (Windows, Chrome OS, Android, Linux)

With this setting you can increase the bitrate from minimum to maximum, increasing quality of the stream. It is worth noting that this will also use more of the device's resources to achieve this.

Auto Mute (Windows)

This option will auto mute the device presenting but not the stream the device is outputting to Vivi. The device will auto mute once the stream starts and revert back to the previous volume setting once the stream is stopped.

Setting these on the Admin Portal

On the Admin Portal you can set defaults and maximums to stream resolution, frame rate, stream quality and auto mute for all users within your organisation.

Setting these in the App

These can also be changed on a user level, however can only be changed within the confines of what has been set on the Admin Portal.

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