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  • 17.3 Emergency Broadcasting
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Emergency Broadcasting allows a teacher to trigger an emergency message in the event of a critical incident. When an emergency is triggered, every Vivi-enabled screen in the school will communicate the emergency protocol to be followed – either evacuation or lockdown.

During an emergency broadcast, presenting from devices is disabled until the emergency has been cancelled.

How to Trigger a Lockdown or Evacuation

Once you have logged onto the Vivi App, click on the running man icon in the top right-hand corner.

The running man icon is used to access the emergency broadcast page.


  • The Emergency Broadcast icon will appear on a Vivi App where the version is 2.10.0 or later. Earlier versions of the Vivi App are not Emergency Broadcast enabled.
  • The Emergency Broadcast icon will only appear on the Vivi App if the Emergency Broadcast feature has been enabled by your Vivi Administrator.
  • Students do not have access to trigger an Emergency Broadcast.

Selecting an Emergency

Once you have clicked the running man icon, you will be presented with two options:

  • Lockdown - Will display a Lockdown image on screens.
  • Evacuation - Will display an Evacuation image on screens.

Click on the appropriate emergency response.

Confirming an Emergency

Once selected, you will be asked to confirm your choice, in order that accidental emergencies are avoided. 

Upon confirming the emergency, all configured Vivi units on your school network will broadcast a message detailing the type of emergency, who triggered the emergency and the location from which the emergency broadcast was triggered. 

Additionally, an Emergency Broadcast will trigger an email notification to all pre-identified emergency wardens with information on the situational context.

Cancelling an Emergency

An Emergency Broadcast can only be canceled in one of two ways:

  1. By the person who triggered it selecting the Cancel Lockdown/Evacuation button, as shown above.
  2. By an Emergency Warden clicking the Cancel Emergency link in the email received after the emergency has been triggered.
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