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  • 17.1 Custom Emergencies
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Emergency Types

You can create your own custom emergencies by going to your Organisation tab and selecting Emergency Types.

On the emergency types page you can either create New, View, Edit or Delete emergency types.


You can create new emergency types and set them as a default splash.


Shows you details on the emergency type as well as allowing you to add more splashes to that type.


Lets you change the name of the emergency type and default splash.


Allows you to delete previously made emergency types.

Emergency Splashes

After you have set an emergency type you are then able to select the custom splash screens you want to associate to that type. This can be done by going to the Boxes tab and selecting Emergency Splash Assignments.

On the Emergency Splash Assignment page you can either View, Edit, Delete or Configure new emergency splashes.


This will give you details on the image being used and the emergency type it is associated to.


This will let you select what emergency type this is associated to, as well as the splash file it is using.


This will allow you to delete the emergency splash, unless it is a default.


This lets you create a new emergency splash. First you must associate it to a splash group (whole organisation, location, room). Next choose which emergency type you would like it to connected to and finally, which splash image you would like to use.

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