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  • 16.1. Splash Screen Assignment
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Once your custom Splash Screen image, or images, have been uploaded to the Vivi Admin Portal, you can then select which locations or which rooms to display them in.

Assigning a Splash

Navigate to the Background Splash Assignments section via the Rooms button at the top of the page in the Admin Portal.

Press Configure Background Splash, at the top right of the page.

To customise the Splash Screens at a location or room level simply:

  • Click on the Select Splash Group drop down menu and choose the location or room you would like your Splash Screen to appear in
  • Click on the Splash drop down menu and select the Splash Screen image you would like to feature

When finished, click on Configure Background Splash and your selection will be added to the Background Splash Assignments page.

To assign a splash image to an emergency, read the guide here

17.1 Custom Emergencies

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