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This section outlines the process for configuring your Vivi environment to accept custom backgrounds or Splash Screens.

Upload your splash image.

Connect to the Vivi administration portal at (or if you would like to go straight to the splashes section, try

Navigate to the Splashes Images section via the Rooms -> Splashes Images button at the top of the page.

Press New Splash at the top right of the page.

To upload and add your new splash:

  • Choose if you would like either to have the image fit the screen or add black boarders
  • Press Browse and browse to the image you wish to use as a splash screen.
  • Once the image is selected, it will then be automatically uploaded


Your new splash should now appear on the Splashes page. You will now need to assign it to either your whole organisation, a room, a location or an emergency type.

Note: Vivi units will need to be updated to a minimum of 1.4.0 Firmware to display custom splashscreens, and a sync will be required if on a firmware version below 1.7.0.