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  • 15.2. Playlists
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Playlists are grouping of media.

For example, if you want to have two static images and a video play at 9:00am as part of your morning announcements, you would create a new playlist and add those three pieces of media to this playlist, which you would name "Morning Announcements".

To set up a playlist

Click on the New Playlist button.

From here you will see three headings:

Playlist Summary

This provides details on the content of the playlist, how many items, total file size and duration.


The name of the playlist.

Select Media

This is where you assign your previously uploaded media to the playlist. Using the Add Media button, select which media you would like to assign. Now select how long you want the image displayed for.

To add more, click the Add Media button again. To change the order of the media, use the arrows on the left and drag the file into the order you want.

Once you have added everything you would like, press the Create Playlist button and your playlist is ready to go.

To edit a playlist

Click on the Edit button next the corresponding playlist on the Playlist main page. From here you can remove media and add media.

To delete a playlist

Click on the delete button next to the corresponding playlist on the Playlist main page. This will delete the playlist but not the media part that is part of the playlist.

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