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Media provides the location for uploading images and video content that will be used for digital signage.

To upload media, click on the Upload Media button.

Give this media item a name and choose the type of media you want to upload. The options are:

  1. File from your computer
  2. Website
  3. Video link for internet-based videos


Select radio box and navigate to the media on your computer for upload.


This allows you to display a live website via digital signage.

Any boxes running firmware less then 2.0 will only see static websites and will need to set a polling rate for how often a capture is taken.

Also CPU and memory intensive websites with not perform well on Vivi due to hardware limitations. It is therefore recommended not to use websites with video content or animated transitions.

This allows you to play an internet-based video, such as from YouTube. Enter the link of the URL you want to stream.

The important things to know are:
  • You can upload a total of 20GB of content
  • Each box can store 2.5GB of content at a time
  • Supported image types are: jpg, jpeg, gif (non animated), png
  • Supported video types are: avi, flv, mkv, mov, mp4, m4v, wmv, asf
  • Supported audio types are: mp3, wav, wma, m4a
  • Images must be exactly 1920x1080 and a max size of 10MB.
  • Videos must be a max size of 200MB.
  • Audio must be a max size of 20MB.

To delete media, on the Media main page, find the content to be deleted and click the delete button.

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