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  • 13. Bulk Update
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Due to the cross-platform nature of Vivi, updates to the devices’ firmware are regular. Our releases are broken into two categories:

  • Feature Releases – These occur every 3-4 months in which new features are added.
  • Maintenance Releases – These occur when required and are typically optional.

The Admin Portal allows you to update all or some of your Vivis at the same time. When a new update is required simply navigate to the “Update Box Firmware” page which you can reach from a drop down on the Box’s link in the navigation.

Update Box Firmware

  1. To update, first select the room/location you would like to update via the tick boxes on the left.
  2. Next download the newest version of firmware using the hyperlink provided.
  3. Once downloaded choose the file using the button 'Choose File'.
  4. With that loaded and ready to go, click update and the boxes will begin upgrading. Do not close this page till this is complete.

Box Status Messages

Not Checked

  • Box isn't activated
  • Box hasn't submitted its IP address. Ensure it's plugged in and has network access.


  • IP address isn't accessible. You must be on the same LAN as the box. Ensure it is plugged in and has network access.
  • Box hasn't updated its Web Console password. Try rebooting the box to sync.


  • Box's reported MAC address, name, or version doesn't match, and may not have been updated. Try rebooting the box to sync.