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Locations allow you to create a separation between Vivi Boxes in distinct locations. Once a user has set their location in their App, they will only see devices in that location.

To set a location, click Rooms and then Location Management in the top right.

Location Management

From this screen you make new locations, edit and delete as well as set multi-level locations.

New Locations:
By clicking the new location button you can create a new location as well as set the parent location if you want this to be a child of a different location.

Here you can edit the name of the locations as well as change the parent location.

This will delete the location, unless it is a parent of another location.

Bulk Location Management

From this page you can assign both rooms and locations in bulk.

Choose the required option (Assign Rooms/Assign Locations).

Then pick where you would like to assign them to in the drop down menu.

Things of Note

  • We recommend that before introducing multi-level  locations that you update your users Vivi application to 2.13.1 or greater
  • Be aware that you can't assign locations to parent locations that already have rooms and you can't assign rooms to a mid-level location.

Assign Rooms to Locations

To help transition organisations with existing rooms, we have prepared a simple tool to help you assign multiple rooms to locations.

After clicking ‘Assign Rooms to Locations’ you’ll be presented with a page that allows you to select and assign rooms to a location. 

Users at organisations with locations set will see the Location Select screen the first time that they log in. They can select their location to view the rooms assigned to that location and Vivi will remember their choice to return them straight to that list when the App is restarted.