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  • 10.2. Edit Room
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Editing a room allows you to change the room settings.

Room Names

You can edit the name of your room at any time – note that a Sync will be required for the name to update on the screen if your box is on a firmware version below 1.7.


If you have configured Locations for your organisation, you can assign your room to a location using the dropdown here. More information can be found in our 10.2. Edit Room page.

Access Mode

With room codes, you can be sure that only the participants who are meant to be viewing the displayed content will be able to do so. Participants won't accidentally start sharing content to the wrong screen and classes won't be interrupted by somebody connecting accidentally.

  • Normal - No on screen code appears, users simply join the room
  • Room Code - Users enter a four-digit code in their Vivi App to join a room, which will overlay on screen should another presenter try and join the room while someone is presenting.
  • Open Access - Any user can connect to the display without needing permission from a presenter. Great for shared spaces like libraries and common rooms.
Note: These settings can be temporarily overridden by the active presenter on the Room Settings page.

Multiple Displays

10.2.1 Multi Display Room

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