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  • 1.2. Firewall Exceptions
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Connectivity to the Vivi Admin Portal is necessary for operation. 

The simplest way is to add a wildcard exception follows:

  • * (HTTP and HTTPS)

If you cannot use wildcards and need to explicitly add firewall exceptions, please apply the following:

  • (HTTP & HTTPS)
  • (HTTP)
  • (HTTPS)
  • (HTTPS)

In the rare event that we need to change the above, you will be advised in a Service Announcement. 


These need to be explicitly added as exceptions. Often Admins assume these will work anyway as your proxy may be open or have 80 and 443 open by default – but this is not the case, as Vivi makes an application level connection to the internet. Most firewalls are open on these ports by default to browser traffic, not application traffic.