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For cross-platform support, a small number of ports need to be open on the network to enable streaming. Standard internet access is required to support product features, such as Video Direct; this allows users to stream content from various online video sources such as YouTube and ClickView (when configured).

Note: Vivi supports Active Directory authentication – either LDAP or SAML sign on protocols. Some additional configuration may be required to support these protocols.

Internal Ports

The following ports need to be open between your user devices (on wireless network) and Vivi unit (on wired network):

  • TCP: 80, 443, 5000, 7000, 7100, 8000, 12800, 12801, 12802
  • UDP: 8001, 8002, 8003

Note: These ports are internal to your LAN; you do not need these ports open externally. If your network is divided into subnets (most are) you will need to have them open across the subnets. 

Internal Ports - Detail

80TCPWeb Console
5000TCPAirPlay negotiation
5001^TCPIPerf (enables network performance testing)
7000TCPAirPlay negotiation
7100TCPAirPlay, Windows and Linux video stream
8001UDPAirPlay extra messaging
8002UDPAirPlay extra messaging
8003UDPAirPlay, Windows and Linux audio stream
12800TCPClient API over HTTP/WS 
12801TCPCapture screenshot 
12802TCPCustom video stream / Other platforms 

^5001 is optional – it is only needed if you need to test your network bandwidth.